Engage your customers and staff in near real-time

Easily and cost-effectively add SMS to your communications mix with a solution built to handle high volumes.

SMS: build two-way connections locally and globally

As mobiles overtake laptops and desktops for e-commerce and customer service, SMS is growing rapidly as an opportunity for brands to engage customers in the moment with instant two-way responses**.

With Fone Dynamics it’s quick and easy to add business-grade SMS to your communications mix by sending and receiving high volumes of SMS messages across Australia and internationally*.

Simply log into our self-service management portal to start sending individual or bulk messages straight away with just a few clicks. We also offer a range of flexible integrations and SMS delivery options.

Experience the benefits

Engage customers in the moment with fast delivery

Easily capture and manage replies in a single portal

Deliver a consistent and responsive customer experience

Maximise ROI with access to ultra-competitive rates

Our SMS solutions combine the power of enterprise-grade two-way SMS with the reliability of world-class communications infrastructure.

Benefit from a range of features to help you deliver a consistent and responsive customer experience including:

Flexible numbers

Use your own mobile number, lease by the month or upgrade to premium memorable numbers^.

Two-way SMS

Let customers text or call you back on the same number (subject to country regulations, excludes alpha-numeric branded sender IDs).

High volumes at speed

Send high volumes of messages and automatically scale up to deal with sudden spikes.

White labelling

Seamlessly rebrand and integrate two-way SMS solutions into your business offering.

Branded sender IDs

For one-way SMS, display your company name as the sender rather than the phone number.

SMS forwarding

Set up rules to redirect text messages from one number to another.

Convert to email

Automatically redeliver a text message into a specified email inbox.


Easily trigger automatic notifications, share data or integrate SMS into other systems.


Speak in your customers’ language and foster engagement using emojis in messages.

Message scheduling

Plan and automate message delivery for timely communication with recipients.

Delivery receipts

Gain real-time feedback and performance tracking by confirming successful SMS delivery.

Query raw SMS data

Analyse message performance, trends, and user behaviours for informed decisions.

Management portal

Easily browse and buy mobile numbers, send and receive messages on the same virtual number, capture replies in a single destination and integrate them into your workflows or CRM.


Ways to send SMS on our platform

Not all SMS is the same. That’s why we designed a range of options to match your needs, systems and expertise.

From a plug-and-play self-service management portal, simply sending SMS via email, through to advanced integrations including sending SMS via SMPP or API. We provide an enterprise-grade technology platform with 24/7 customer support if you need assistance.

SMS via management portal

  • Log into our self-service management portal and start sending individual messages or bulk broadcasts straight away with just a few clicks.*

  • Choose to use your own dedicated number or lease one from us just when you need it.

  • Transparent and affordable pay-as-you-go payment structure.

SMS via email

  • Simply use email to compose and send SMS without software or integrations.

  • Add your recipients in the TO or CC fields (up to 100 recipients per email) and our system will automatically distribute your message as an SMS.

  • Replies can be sent back to your email address including the full conversation history.


  • SMS via Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is a highly reliable, cost-effective and secure industry protocol for sending huge volumes of SMS messages.

  • Our dedicated SMPP server enables you to directly connect to multiple campaigns.

  • Quick and easy out-of-the-box solution allows you to customise messages, add customer send IDs and get delivery receipts.


  • Built by developers for developers, our user-friendly API lets you integrate SMS directly into existing software such as CRM, point of sale or ecommerce.

  • Send SMS from single messages to large batches, with features including scheduling, personalised messages and delivery receipts available via webhooks.

  • With full access to message details and delivery data, you can build your own reports and/or plug into analytics platforms.

Take full control of your SMS communications

Our flexible and scalable platform is trusted by many of Australia’s leading SMEs, enterprises, marketers, agencies, high-volume call centres, developers, wholesalers and resellers.

Business and enterprise

Take control of your customer and staff communications by integrating voice and SMS.

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Built by developers for developers, our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) enables you to easily integrate voice, SMS and analytics into your solutions.

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Simplify and streamline your processes to do more with less with our scalable, flexible and secure platform.

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Marketers & marketing agencies

Use our self-service management portal to incorporate voice and SMS into your campaigns to enhance customer experience.

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Wholesalers & resellers

Unlock new revenue streams and grow your business. Fone Dynamics is trusted as a strategic growth partner by leading wholesalers and resellers.

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Call centres

We deliver a one-stop-shop for high-volume call centres in sectors such as finance, retail, e-commerce and professional services.

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^ Premium numbers available only to local SMS
*Additional conditions may apply based on local country legislation
** Not available with company-branded SMS numbers
*** To send SMS via the Management Portal, additional terms may be required.

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