Make it easy for your customers to contact you from anywhere

Memorable 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers with powerful self-service management.

Take full control of your inbound calls

Fone Dynamics' inbound voice solutions are low-cost and flexible, designed to streamline customer experiences, increase efficiency and enhance your brand locally, nationally or internationally.

Switching to Fone Dynamics is fast, simple and easy. Our platform backs onto your existing phone environment, which means you can enjoy the advanced features of internet telephony without needing to invest in more expensive hardware, equipment or phone lines.

What’s more, our cloud-based self-service management portal empowers you to provision local and national numbers from our large inventory, and easily migrate your existing local, 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers.

You can benefit from our suite of value-added tracking, analytics, reporting, integration and call handling services, including our drag-and-drop flow designer that empowers you to decide exactly how and where your calls are answered.

Experience the benefits

Offer a convenient, affordable number wherever your customers are

Control precisely how calls are answered with our self-service Management Portal

Tailor and simplify customer experience across multiple channels

Provide insights and visibility to optimise your marketing and operations

Inbound voice offers the flexibility to choose from a range of local, national and international numbers with the reliability of world-class communications infrastructure.

A suite of numbers

Our range of inbound numbers offers the trust of a local call number, the national reach of a 1300 number, a short and catchy 13 number, a toll-free 1800 or 0800 national number, an international toll-free presence, virtual mobile numbers or a memorable Phoneword like 1300 PROFIT.

Modern cloud platform

Fone Dynamics leverages a market-leading platform to meet the communications needs of modern enterprises. This infrastructure is engineered for maximum flexibility, security, uptime and control, backed by full carrier-grade redundancy and 24/7 support for faults.

Our inbound voice solutions include a range of features to help you optimise how you manage your inbound calls, simply and affordably.

Call tracking & analytics

Our powerful self-service management portal enables you to manage inbound phone numbers, campaigns, analytics and reporting in real-time from anywhere. Accurately track static and dynamic numbers with analytics dashboards and reporting tools.

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Intelligent call handling

With our drag-and-drop flow designer you are empowered to take full control of your caller experience. You have the power at your fingertips to manage your communications call routing so you can control where and when your calls are answered.

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Take full control of your inbound communications

Our flexible and scalable platform is trusted by many of Australia’s leading SMEs, enterprises, marketers, agencies, high-volume call centres, developers, wholesalers and resellers.

Business and enterprise

Take control of your customer and staff communications by integrating voice and SMS.

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Built by developers for developers, our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) enables you to easily integrate voice, SMS and analytics into your solutions.

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Simplify and streamline your processes to do more with less using our scalable, flexible and secure platform.

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Marketers & marketing agencies

Take control of your customer experience, communications and marketing ROI.

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Wholesalers & resellers

Unlock new revenue streams and grow your business. Fone Dynamics is trusted as a strategic growth partner by leading wholesalers and resellers.

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Call centres

We deliver a one-stop-shop for high-volume call centres in sectors such as finance, retail, e-commerce and professional services.

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