Leverage your existing systems with flexible integrations

Choose from simple click-to-connect to advanced custom solutions.

Straightforward integrations

We get it, you’ve already invested in platforms to power your business. That’s why our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) solution makes it easy to leverage your existing phone systems, migrate numbers, share data and connect directly with your business platforms.

We offer a range of automated click-to-connect integrations with third-party platforms, a straightforward API for your developers to tap into, as well as full-service builds for more advanced custom integrations.

Because no business is the same, we’ll work with you to understand your objectives and outcomes and help develop a plan to suit your needs.

Experience the benefits

Save time with easy automated integration

Make your technology stack work smarter not harder

Maximise ROI with a tailored solution


We provide a growing number of automated click-to-connect integrations with leading third-party platforms. These can be set up within the self-service management portal and will help your team to accurately track, analyse and optimise various organic and paid marketing campaigns by incorporating voice and SMS conversions across the customer journey.

Current click-to-connect integrations include:

Zoho CRM

Create new leads using the Zoho API by automatically uploading new calls to your connected Zoho account.

Microsoft Ads

Track offline call conversions by automatically sending them to your connected Microsoft Ads account.

Facebook Ads

Track offline call conversions by automatically sending them to your connected Facebook Ads account.

Google Ads

Track offline conversions by integrating directly with Google AdWords using its API to push clicks and match them against conversions.

Google Analytics

Schedule integration collect calls from the Fone Dynamics API and upload them as events into Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to compile a filtered list for tracking.

Bulk Send SMS (Google Sheets)

Automatically format and send up to 50,000 SMS messages at a rate of 10 messages per second using a dedicated SMS number as the trigger.


Integrate with the HubSpot API and use call data to automatically convert calls into new contacts for nurturing activity.

ActiveCampaign SMS

Two-way synchronise all SMS messages back to ActiveCampaign using custom objects.

Snowflake Analytics

Automatically create custom reports by synchronising call data into a Snowflake data table of your choosing, including custom columns and headers.

Custom integrations

Let us know your objectives with voice and SMS, and we can help you bring them to life. Our expert development team can work with you to design and deploy specialised integrations into platforms across customer service, operations, finance, enterprise resource planning, analytics and more.

For custom builds we can push data from our systems into any custom object/field such as leads, enquiry or opportunity so you can track each phone lead all the way from the source to the outcome without the need for manual attribution.


API integrations

Built by developers for developers, our straightforward API makes it easy to integrate our suite of services directly into your backend systems, delivering maximum functionality without leaving your platform.

Depending on the setup you can provision and manage business numbers, route inbound calls, access voice recordings, ingest voice data into your data warehouse, build SMS into your solutions, run/schedule SMS campaigns and more.

With full access to data, you can report and analyse your information the way you want to, using your preferred analytics platform and tools. We offer comprehensive help documentation as well as hands-on assistance if you need it.


Webhook integrations

For a simpler connection without a full API integration, webhooks enable you to automate event-based triggers so specific data can be automatically imported into your systems.

This creates operational efficiencies by eliminating the need for manual data entry. For example, you may want to push specific voice call data into your CRM to better track offline conversions.


Depending on the level of integration, our range of options make it simple for organisations of all types to access advanced features, including:

Manage business numbers

Provision and manage business numbers using self-service tools.

Route inbound calls

Direct calls to departments to optimise customer experience and operational workflows.

Replay call recordings

Replay calls on demand for training, quality control, compliance and issue resolution.

Schedule SMS campaigns

Plan and automate message delivery for timely communication with recipients.

Automate data import

Save time and reduce errors by integrating data between systems.

Migrate data for lead tracking (push data)

Migrate data from the Fone Dynamics platform into third-party CRM systems to track customer/prospect behaviour to gain insights to optimise customer experience and marketing ROI.

Seamlessly integrate voice and SMS into your existing operations

Our flexible and scalable platform is trusted by many of Australia’s leading SMEs, enterprises, marketers, agencies, high-volume call centres, developers, wholesalers and resellers.

Business and enterprise

Take control of your customer and staff communications by integrating voice and SMS.

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Built by developers for developers, our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) enables you to easily integrate voice, SMS and analytics into your solutions.

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Simplify and streamline your processes to do more with less using our scalable, flexible and secure platform.

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Marketers & marketing agencies

Take control of your customer experience, communications and marketing ROI.

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Wholesalers & resellers

Unlock new revenue streams and grow your business. Fone Dynamics is trusted as a strategic growth partner by leading wholesalers and resellers.

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Call centres

We deliver a one-stop-shop for high-volume call centres in sectors such as finance, retail, e-commerce and professional services.

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