Reimagine how you make calls by embracing the power of the cloud

Simplify your communications and reduce costs with enterprise-ready outbound solutions.

SIP Connect: integrate outbound voice easily into existing phone systems

While modern enterprises have invested heavily in legacy communications systems, they are also embracing the flexibility and efficiency of the cloud. Fone Dynamics delivers the best of both worlds by enabling you to integrate outbound voice directly into your existing systems via the internet.

Running on modern cloud-based infrastructure, our SIP Connect solution plugs into your current systems to deliver flexible, cost-effective and reliable voice communications.

Delivered using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology with a number of authentications, our SIP trunks provide the backbone that facilitates voice calls between cloud-based platforms (such as Genesys) or traditional phone systems (PBX).

Enterprise-ready, our solutions are ideal for organisations with high-volume call centres in sectors such as financial services, retail, e-commerce and professional services. We are also trusted by leading wholesalers who resell our outbound and inbound voice solutions.

Provisioning is fast and simple, backed by responsive 24/7 technical support for faults. Our intuitive self-service management portal makes it easy for you to provision trunks, add phone lines without installing hardware, review call logs, listen to recordings for quality control and more.

Especially when combined with our end-to-end inbound voice solutions, Fone Dynamics SIP Connect enables you to simplify your operations management and reduce costs by unifying your communications with one partner.

Experience the benefits

Simplified operations to drive cost and time efficiencies

You’re in control with our self-service management portal

Fully flexible to enhance existing communications systems

Easy integration with online platforms

Continuous innovation and custom solutions

Competitive rates and efficient operations

Modern cloud-based infrastructure

24/7 technical support and expert resources

Outbound voice combines the power of customisable enterprise-grade SIP trunks with the reliability of world-class communications infrastructure.

SIP trunks

Our SIP trunks integrate with systems such as VoIP, Genesys and other major cloud platforms, so you can easily incorporate outbound calling. You can allocate phone numbers, configure rules and make calls from your platforms without traditional PBX systems.

Modern cloud platform

Fone Dynamics leverages a market-leading platform to meet the communications needs of modern enterprises. This infrastructure is engineered for maximum flexibility, security, uptime and control, backed by full carrier-grade redundancy and 24/7 support for faults.

Our outbound voice solutions include a range of features to help you simplify your operations management and reduce costs including:

Business number set up

Self-service set up of phone numbers (local/geolocation, national, international and mobile).

Direct integration

Plug directly into existing systems such as VoIP, Genesys and other major cloud platforms.

Configured rules

Create rules in your PBX or phone system or via our portal before they hit the SIP trunk.

Tracking & analytics

Real-time visibility into voice services, call logs and status to streamline reporting.

Call logs

Review detailed call logs to easily track and optimise your outbound activity.

Call recordings

Replay calls on demand for training, quality control, compliance and issue resolution.

Information exports

Export detailed information to CSV files for simple sharing or integration with reports.

Fast, simple and efficient outbound voice for you and your customers

Our flexible and scalable platform is trusted by many of Australia’s leading SMEs, enterprises, marketers, agencies, high-volume call centres, developers, wholesalers and resellers.

Business and enterprise

Ideal for enterprises that have already invested in phone systems (PBX or VoIP) or communications platforms but need to integrate outbound calling.

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Built by developers for developers, our Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) enables you to easily integrate voice, SMS and analytics into your solutions.

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Simplify and streamline your processes to do more with less using our scalable, flexible and secure platform.

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Marketers & marketing agencies

Take control of your customer experience, communications and marketing ROI.

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Wholesalers & resellers

Ideal for wholesalers and resellers who provide feature-rich phone systems but need SIP trunks to complete their outbound voice offering.

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Call centres

We deliver a one-stop-shop for high-volume call centres in sectors such as finance, retail, e-commerce and professional services.

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