Purchase Numbers


The Fone Dynamics REST API allows you to purchase available numbers we currently have listed. Available numbers can be found using our Find Available Numbers request.


Purchasing numbers is achieved by simply sending us the numbers you want, and the property to associate them with.



URI Parameters

PropertySidstringProperty to associate numbers with.

Resource Parameters

(E.164 Format)
stringThe phone number you wish to add to your property.
stringSpecify a specific address to assign to this number. If omitted and address is required, we will automatically assign the first suitable address that is registered on your property. The number will be reserved if no suitable address has been supplied.


200 – OK

Our service will respond to every request for data with JSON formatted data. Requests to purchase numbers will return the number that was added to your property as confirmation.

NumberstringThe number requested to be added to your property.
StatusstringCurrent status of the number. May be:
Active: The number was added to your property and registered with an address.
Pending: The number was added however no address matched for registration.

400 - Error

For error codes and messages, please refer to the REST API Error Codes page.